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Our Thoughts Create Our Reality


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     As hard as it may seem to believe, we are the creator of our own reality.  Our thoughts we think, are a vibrational offering so to speak that gives the Universe our desired in order to bring those desires into our reality.   This is a lesson I keep learning as we never get it done and never stop desiring more and more wonderful experiences in life.  A lesson of faith and belief was needed to prove my own manifesting powers existed.  I knew that I needed to show myself, I am the true creator of my own reality.   I do own the power to make my reality moments exactly as I desired, even at times better than I could ever imagined.  Never limit your desires to match your current reality, dream bigger and wilder than you can achieve on your own.  Once man

     When I moved back to the big city for work, it was my desire to leave Montana temporarily.  I needed a better income to afford to build a house on my Gratitude Mountain.  Before I left my property, I wrote out my hearts desires for a new Job, the income I needed to how afford both my mortgage and rent where I reside now in the City. I wrote out two different budgets I desired.  The first was my bare minimum needed to survive the bills I now had a responsibility to cover myself.  The second was my dream income and what all I could do with that income.  I was currently making $14 an hours in Montana and struggled to make ends meet alone on that mountain.  As much as I loved living on my mountain, the cost was becoming out of my manageability at that moment.  I knew I had a better chance of making a better income and affording to pay off my land if I just returned to the City.  

     My first Job offered gave me the minimum income I desired.  I was grateful and happily accepted the position.  I worked in this position for 6 month when a friend of mine found out I was back and asked if I would come to work for her.  She matched the income and I happily accepted her offer.  Either Way, I manifested the income I needed to afford to live both in the City and to pay off my Land Mortgage.  I was content with where I was at.  I never told anyone what I wrote.  What my minimum income needed to be nor did I speak about the desired income that I looked forward towards.  I continued to work in the first position offered for 8 months.

     Soon thereafter another position opened up and I was asked to take it over.  I was told, the new position will come with a raise in income.  I accepted without knowing what the raise would be.  It didn’t matter at the time as I was already making what I needed to survive.  Only to find out the new position came with an income that actually matched my higher desired income.  THere I was faced with the income I never thought I could achieve as it was more then I have ever made in the past.  Yet here I am a year and half after writing out my income desires, I am living that dream in real life.  I not only started with the minimum income requirements that I hoped for, I currently earn the dream income I desired.  All by believing within my thoughts that any of this is even possible in the first place.  

       I wasn’t fixated on the value of the income, I wasn’t praying, begging every night for God to make this all happen.  I simple wrote out my desires and allowed the Universe to bring evidence of my thoughts turning into things as I desired. The offers came to me, I did not have to chase them down.  All I had to do was own the belief, the willingness to follow the impulse I receive from the Universe and the evidence will reveal itself.   The path forward opened up and I followed the steps towards my hearts desires.  It couldn’t have been any easier.  Once I made the decision to make this move, everything fell into place and manifested as my heart desired.  

     We are the creator of our own reality.  If you are not living the life you truly desire, Change your thoughts and your reality must change with you.  

Much Love for All,  Gratitude Mountain.  

New Thoughts

Our Intentions are our Powers

9-11-2017 – I start  today with my True Hearts’ Intention for this Blog.  Gratitude Mountain has lifted me up from many hardships in my own life.  It’s filled my heart with joy, surrounded my fears with love and showed me the strength I have always owned within.  One of my True Hearts desire for this Mountain is to find a way to be able to share it with others.  I believe one day soon, God will help me find the perfect way to be able to share this beautiful mountain with those who need a break from their own reality.  With those who desire to spend some time learning how to unplug and return to their own God’s Pure Love within.   My Dream is to have a few tree houses to share with others for their own moment in heaven.  In the mean time, I will continue to share my Love for this mountain and give my Gratitude moment and Lesson in this blog for the world to experiance with me.  This is my True Hearts Intention and my future desire for Gratitude Mountains.  Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, God truly blessed this mountian and in return, this mountant offers many blessings in return.  It teaches us lesson of Love for all.  (My Heart goes out to all affected by 9-11.  All is well and we are all truly Loved By Our Pure Loving Divine creator.

Gratitude Mountain send its Love for all, Blessings and I hope you enjoy.

Lesson #2 – Our Intentions is our Powers

When we have an intention to do something, own something or change something in our lives, it’s our intentions that give us the power to make our desires real in our lives. Our reality is directed by our desires and intentions.  Both with the things we want in life, to the things we do not desire to happen in our lives.  Our thoughts and words are the Power we give to make our intentions and desires come true.  Or to be removed from our reality.  Nothing happens in our lives that we did not intend.  We can justify why this or that happened.  However, if you are truly being honest with yourself, you intended that outcome to happen, in one form or another.  

     Maybe you wanted that positions at work, or a person you desire a special relationship with.  Maybe you’re thinking about possibly break up and move on in life without the current relationship you are in now.  Maybe you want to move to a new home or town.  You start to believe you are the best candidate for that position and you held the intention to be awarded the position.   You believe a new relationship would be a better match for you over the current one you are in.  That new Town will change your life for the better.  Soon it will be time to make your choices you intend to make.  Stay or move forward in your life.  The intentions you hold for your life in one way or another, become your reality in one form or another.  Even if you were merely just trying to figure your own thoughts out before stating your true intentions, you should pay attention to how you are focusing your thoughts on these intentions.  A positive focus will only enhance your life, while negative ones could bring hurt into your path when you never intended to attract it in.    

     Our true intentions give us our power to direct the Universe to answer our intentions.  We must be clear and pure in our heart’s intentions. Too many times, we intend to do something.  So we start to ponder over if this or that would be in your best interest to justify moving forward with that intention.  Other times you can quickly dismiss that intention because your true desire is to stay where you are at now.  Keep in mind, the time spent on trying to decide if you should or should not manifest those intentions into or out of your current path can create the path for that intention if you focus too much on what you do not desire.  You may have thought you were only working through your desires and intentions before you chose your intended paths. Only to be surprised that they came true in your current reality exactly as you were thinking, Positive or Negative, it happened.  Most likely what manifested, matched the more powerful thought you held on to.  If you were afraid of losing someone or something more than you were Grateful to have them in your life. Those tend to be the very things you lost first.  If you held onto the joyous and special happy moments, over the hardships experienced, those are the moments that remain.  

     I have watched this happen in my life in so many ways.  Never realizing it was happening because I placed my powers of my intentions with my constant thoughts to analyze what decision I should be making next.   Too often my desires had not been figured out before it became my manifesting reality.  Maybe I intended to break up with someone, yet because they are so loving and so special to me, I found that I don’t want to lose that person.  Yet with no warning on their side, they suddenly want to take a break, leaving me confused by their intentions.  After all, I never told them how I felt in this time of trying to figure things out.  I may have been writing out my pros and cons for myself before I make my true intentions known.  Now you are devastated, surprised, left at a loss for words.  Or maybe you feel like you just doughed a bullet and the decision is no longer your burden to make.  Letting you off the hook in making your intentions be known.  What if the only reason things changed were based on the intentions you focused on most? 

   Our thoughts have as much power as your words.  Probably more so, because we do not repeat our words as much as we rethink our thoughts over and over in our heads before we actually must act.  When we spend time thinking about different possible outcomes we might desire or hope doesn’t happen, we are giving our power of our intentions a foothold into our future reality.   We all must make our choices, state our intentions and ask for exactly what we want out of this life.  However, when you find you are spending more time on what you fear will happen, over what you wish and desire for, Please take note and change your thoughts.  I would beg you… Change your thoughts to your hearts desires and intentions first.  The time wasted on unwishes and undesired take away from our hopes, joys, and dreams.   It’s always best to make a quick cons list and then spend your remaining time working on all the pros.  This will keep you in your desired positive train of thought.  Many Blessings for all from Gratitude Mountain. 

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Forgiveness is the Gift of Love

Forgiveness is the gift God asks of us to give one another.

When Jesus asked God to “forgive us for we do not know what we are doing”, this wasn’t just for those involved in his crucifixion, rather for all the world who chose to remain in the ego’s grasp.  We are the ones who have created our EGO mind.  Not God in anyway. Nothing God creates can ever be destroyed, yet everything we create without God can always be destroyed because it’s not real in the first place.  God is Pure Love for us all, therefore, we cannot change this fact, nor should we want to.  We can only fool ourselves into believing God is placing judgment on us for our stupid sins.  Yet to God, we are sinless and perfect just as he created us to be.  Love for all and Love for and By God. How many times can you honestly say, you might be wrong in your judgment of yourself and on another?  If you are honest with yourselves, I would say… We are incorrect every time we placed judgment on another or on ourselves that says anything different then God would say about us all.

God desires that we all learn to let go of our fears and worries.  Release our EGO’s hold on us so that we can finally live the life God desires for us.  Our fears of our bodies and the sickness we believe we hold within our bodies.  I know this is a subject that is difficult to believe.  However, it’s due to the fact that our EGO believes it more than we believe in God.  Our Ego is never the truth. Yes, we can justify the judgment our ego places on the other person, on ourselves and on God himself.  Yet this still will never make it true to our God reality.  Our EGO is a complete lie.  Its sole purpose is to be the most important entity in our life.  Edging God Out while creating a reality that actually fears God and all his creations.  When you start to view all that the ego will tell us, the directions it seems to want to lead us towards, we will start to see, those thoughts and paths, only lead us further away from God’s Love for all.

Our EGO seems to feel entitled to our opinions of others, yet all that does is show our own insecurities within our own existence.  God will not let you see the faults of others, there are no faults to see in God’s mind and sight.  Remember, God is Perfect and all that he creates is perfect in his image.  Once we start to understand that this means we are perfect, our fellow brothers and sisters are perfect, we can start to wonder why we feel the need to judge one another at all.  We all desire forgiveness, from each other, from God and from our own misperceptions we placed on others.   This forgiveness is not something we need to hold off for until we pass and meet our creator.  Our created is alive in the here and now.

It would make no sense for God to create us then leave us alone to figure this world out by ourselves.  Nor does it make sense that God created us and then allowed the other souls around us to tell us our worth, our positive traits and our negative traits as the world sees it.  How many times has someone else told you what they thought of you, who they thought you were, only to know in your own existence, their words are not the truth of who you know you are? That is because they are placing their own EGO Judgment on you as opposed to looking at you as a True God Creation.

When we are willing to look upon our brothers and sisters as a true God creation, the Holy Spirit actually clears the blocks in your vision to allow you to see what you believe exists in that person.  If you believe they are a sinner, deserving of your judgment, then you can bet that is all you will see.  It’s not, however, a vision God is giving you to see with.  It’s your EGO’s limited judgmental vision alone.  So what you are seeing in that other person, is really what you believe to be there, not the truth in who that person really is with God.  There is a better chance this judgment you are giving is a trait within you that you fear exists.  Believe this in your heart and you will see all God’s beauty in everyone. We are all apart of God and Perfect in God’s eyes, always.  Once you believe this, you can’t help be see the beauty in everyone and everything that surrounds you daily.

When you forgive yourself for placing judgment on the other person, you have removed your own Ego vision and asked to see the God in them.  This forgiveness will restore your God vision, once you believe in what you are asking to see.  It’s why the saying; “I am Love THROUGH the one I see before me, Word I am Word.” is so special to me, this saying tells me that I believe God created that person who stands before me and I am recognizing that God exists in that person as well.  I am God’s energy that runs my body to experience through.  You are God’s energy that runs your body to experience through. At no time are we without God here and now.  The presence is his gift.  When we stop fearing the past and future, we are left with the here and now, where all miracles are found.

Live in the present that God gives to us.  Heaven is here and it’s always in the Now moments.  Forgive all our brothers and sisters for any judgment you have placed on them and watch how God will restore your sight to be able to see the God beauty in them and in yourself at the same time.

I am blessed to be honored with offering this message for all the world to find their Peace here in this world.  Release the fears and judgment of ourselves and of others.  This act alone will change your entire life.  It will open up God within you and your vision will start to see the truth in us all.  What a grand present God has given us all. Know you are Loved by God with his Pure Love always.  I desire everyone to find this love again within themselves so that we can all share it with everyone that comes in and out of our lives.

Just another Blessing I have received from Gratitude Mountain.  Many blessings I desire to share with you all.  May we find our way back to peace on earth and God’s Love for us all.  How amazing this world could be if we all tried.  Forgive everyone, everything and every situation that may block God from showing you we are all perfect, always.

Love from Gratitude Mountain 
by Veronica Noble

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Lessons From Gratitude Mountain

Lesson #1 – Step Back and let the light walk before you in the room…

I learned a saying from the Book “ A Course in Miracles“… “I am Love through the one I see before me. Word I am Word“.  For the last two weeks, I have put a great deal of conscious thought to say this statement each time I found myself before another. Regardless of the situation, I say this phrase in my mind before I actually say one word or think one thought outside of this one.  It’s truly become an amazing lesson in Love for those who are brought into my daily path.  The thought to this saying; We are all a part of God, God’s Son just like Jesus.  We are never alone and God walks with us on every step we take in this world.  It means that God walks with the one before us as well. We are all with God.  All working as God as his experiences.  However, the negative thoughts actually block God out, thus allowing our Ego the power of our perceptions to take over our experiences.  Yes, I get that this is hard for some to comprehend.  To believe God is working within us, not up in the sky, in spite of us.

Fearful day thoughts – On the days where I allowed my fears, worries, and doubts to control my thoughts, I noticed that as hard as I tried to not let those things happen.  In so many ways, my Ego fooled me into believing the other person was the culprit in the outcome if it was an outcome I did not desire.  It was never my doing; after all, I made it very clear in my mind those were the things I chose not to happen.  They still happened, yet my ego would reassure me it was not my fault.  The other person was going to do what they did regardless of my desires, therefore I am not at fault for that outcome. Giving me many reasons to either being upset with them or at times removing myself from their path so that I did not get hurt further.  Through out this lesson, I became distant with my loved ones, instead of closer.

God’s Presence in Love – On the days where I made sure my saying was my thoughts and remained open to my creator to show me the truth in us all.  I found that not only could I feel the situation lighten up.  We either felt more at home with each other or at the very least, not upset over the past issues we faced together.  It was as if the past never happened and all we share is our Love in the current now of our reality.  I am love through the ones I see before me; puts us in the mindset that everyone, including me, is God.  When I first prepare my mind to only desire to see the God in another person before I allow my mind to have a thought.  I see God in all that they say, all that I feel and the message always felt like it came from a Loving Spot within them.  We must remember, God protects Love from Fear.  Fear kills love therefore, God’s use his Will powers to protect his Unconditional Pure Love for us all from our Fearful attacks on another.  It is us who are not acting as God created us when we attack our brothers. With that attack, we are in fact, now only attaching yourself.  God will not allow you to attach the other person’s Peace with God.  If we ask to see that other person in God’s Love, God opens up all communication and what is said is always out of Love of God, by God.

Our Ego is so strong because we gave our Ego our God powers to run our lives for us.  We believe this keeps us safe and to keep our enemies far away.  Why wouldn’t we have given these powers to God instead?  We still believe God is a separate entity from us.  We still believe he is in Heaven awaiting our return home after we concur the wild west of a world.  We are all oneness with God.  This means the energy that runs through our bodies, that keeps us alive here, is GOD.  Everything we do with Love in our heart towards yourself and towards others is God flowing within you.  Everything we do with fear, doubt, and negative thoughts, becomes our reality, only because we have blocked God out.  We’ve allowed our ego to rule our existence.  When we stopped believing God was within us, he became a mystical entity that we will meet one day up in heaven.  Once we believed that as our new truth, we allowed our EGO’s to take over that power and protect us from “GOD’s Wrath” until we can correct our sins and return home to face God again. The ego can not save us for anything.  In fact, its sole purpose is to destroy everything in our path, including ourselves before we ever get to see God.  Why? Simple, the Ego is a complete lie.  It’s made up by our fears, by us giving it our God powers to exist. Its entire existence depends on us keeping it alive to be in control. Once we obtain heaven within, the EGO is dead.  Why? Because the ego was created by us and not by God. What God creates, no man can destroy. What creates alone without God; all Men can distroy, long before you reach Heaven’s reality.  Never will God see this as anything real in God’s creation.

It’s so important to remember, God has never left anyone of us.  He remains our silent partner throughout this world.  He only remains silent because we have not opened ourselves up to his ways to speak or hear him.  He speaks through others to you and through you to others.  He is Pure Love for all his children and to God, we are all oneness with him and with each other.  Once I prepared my mind to not listen to my ego thoughts; to stay free of past thoughts, I was able to feel at peace with the one I saw before me.  The trick is to say those words or any words that put the other person in God’s loving sight.  Sit back and allow the Holy Spirit show you who that other person is in God’s eyes, it’s GOD.  While being willing to see the one before me as God, I allowed God to show me who he was through this person.  When we work in fears, negative thoughts, or angry fearful emotions, we block God’s presence within that other person.  God will actually protect them from your negative attacks unless they too are holding on to negative thoughts of their own.  Then it becomes the issues we all face when we hoped for the best but held on to our fears about the situation.  On the other hand, when we start off with the belief that God is the one who stands before us, we open our God’s heart and our soul listens for the kindness God will offer us thought the other person.  I tried this out with someone I had a disagreement with.  knowing the week before I only received a quick cold hello and nothing else, I started to figure this would be how our encounters would remain until someone apologized.  Yet I did not desire this outcome.  I gave myself a different purpose with the Holy Spirit being my Guide and I said my words I desire to be the outcome.  I am Love through the one I see before me.  The entire experience, from greetings to the Love we shared throughout the evening, was a true transformation from the week before.

When we work in fears, negative thoughts, or angry fearful emotions, we block God’s presence within that other person.  God will actually protect them from your negative attacks unless they too are holding on to negative thoughts of their own.  Then it becomes the issues we all face.  Though we hoped for the best, we instead held on to our fears about the situation, or about the person’s true identity to you.  On the other hand, when we start off with the belief that God is the one who stands before us, we open our God’s heart and soul, allowing you to listen for the kindness God will offer us thought the other person.  When we start off with the belief that God is the one who stands before us, we open our God’s heart and our soul listens for the kindness God offers us thought the other person.  You will see what you believe you will see.

If we can keep in our mind, that every single human that crosses our path, is in all reality, God working within them.  We can learn to remove all our held unnecessary fears and instead experience the God Love in all of us.  Those messages received from the other person will show you one of two sides.  One side will be their ego battling your ego for power.  The other side we can choose is to remain working, desiring and believing that another person is also God.  Now you can not help but feel God’s love within them and yourself within.  The moment we allow God’s love to shine in our hearts desiring to see Love in the other person, God shows you exactly that.  Why? It’s the truth about that person, it’s the truth about us and it’s the truth about God.  We are all one with God.  Together, never seperated by anything or anyone, ever.  Yes, our ego mind will make us feel isolated and alone, yet we are never truly alone.  The world is one entity in God’s Power and Mind.  He created us out of his oneness and desired to be one with us all, unconditionally.  Therefore what God creates no man can distoy.  What Man creates, all men can distroy with God’s Pure love for us all in our oneness.  I ask that you try this lesson out for yourselves.  I never ask anyone to just believe what I say.  After all, that is a sure way of allowing my Ego to act all important.

Blessings from Gratitude Mountain and may you all learn to release the fear and enjoy God’s Pure Love for us all, Daily.

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New Thoughts

My New Years 2019 Wish.

My 2019 Desires.

Let me start with my truth… Something no one knows about me… I wake up each morning seeing a beautiful day ahead. As I look in the mirror, I see my best friend. As I look upon others, I see such beautiful people in this world. I go to work because I love helping and feeling needed. I do look forward to all the great new adventures coming my way. I plan on meeting each one with grace and joy. I believe we all own God in each one of us. It is through us, he experiences life. He is the very energy source keeping us all alive. Honoring God, is to show Love for all as God, who stand before you. If you can do that, you will have lived such a joyous, loving life.

I have spent a majority of my life, caring what others thought of me. Honestly their Opinion of me really seemed to matter most to me. So much that I would start to believe it. I have learned, really the only opinion that can hurt me personally, is my own opinion about me.

My opinion of who I am, matters!! Your opinion of who you are, matters too. There is no one person more or less valuable in this life experience over another. If there was one thing you remembered of me… remember this; “I Am Love Through The One I See Before Me”. I keep that thought active in my mind with every single person who is standing before me. That is and has been my first thought when we come face to face in life with each other. Now, if we both thought that way at the same time, just imagine what we can achieve next? That is my hearts desire forward. To be seen through loving eyes of another.

I have allowed too many people in my life, to tell me who they think I am. None ever sound even close to the beautiful person I see when I am looking at them. I’ve been told that I am Fat, Unlovable, too sensitive, too short, too tall, wrong hair color, blah, blah, blah. The list seems endless with opinions from others. I have faced many a bully throughout my life’s experiences. Some I loved with all my heart. Yet you would think by now I would see them coming…. I Do Not!!! Why? As I said in my truth of who I Am, I see you beautiful first. Each time we meet, that is exactly how I greet you within. I start all encounters this way. I give us all the best start for both to be amazed. How you chose to introduce yourself to me is your offer. How you choose to see me, is your own eyes perception. Is it with beauty? Or otherwise? If you look with Love, you will see Love. Through Love, you will see beauty too! If it’s any other way, you are the one blocking the love in you. Not me.

My desire for the New Years (2019)…For more people who come into my path, also see the beauty that lives in me. If we could all just focus in Love, we can’t help but see Beautiful things and people. Yet in just that same law, if you can see less then loveliness in me, look within yourself for your reasons why. God will not show you anything but beauty in another. Because God is Pure Love Unconditional Love for all. God will never show you less then whats real in another. So if you see less then love in another, its your own perception only. Its still not Gods truth. This has been proven to me, again and again. The truth in all that God is. It also shows me what Unconditional Love really means. No conditions required to achieve or receive.

May you all feel and see the beauty all around you too. Much love for all!

Happy New Years 2019.


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A post from Facebook 7 years ago, with an added insight 7 years later.

Gratitude Mountain Post

December 27, 2017 (My 7 Year future post insight) : A New Years Challenge to everyone on my list. This is a 7 year old truth challenge I started for my own proof. Please Read this entire post, its true. I think if you think back with your own lives, you will see, you too did what you said you would do. On track towards your desires, or off track with your doubts? Which did you achieve?

I posted this 7 years ago, before finding my Gratitude Mountain in Montana. I had just returned a few months earlier, from a visit to Montana for the first time. I fell in love with Montana and the people within, that weekend. I soon realized; If we really pay attention to everything we say, think and feel. Use our Imagination to dream bigger, then we can honestly do on your own. With a Belief it has already been received, into your future moments. It shall be received by Universal Law.

This post was the first of many new challenges I offered to all, and silently worked through within my own life as everyones proof its True. I honestly wanted to prove; its a truth in god, a truth in the Universal laws. For those who in stood with me, I hope they witnessed how truth this became in my own life.

On this very day, I posted this to challenge for everyone to release; unkindness, fear, really all negativity within our selfs first with truth in Our love for all before us. Make your words your reality and your dreams and desires will be Manifested before your own eyes, in a heartbeat 💗. Its a true story and I’m living proof. My reason for going through all I experienced in the last 4 years. Enjoying new friendship, And my love for My Gratitude Mountain in Montana. It’s true: Ask and you shall receive (Land of my own), Seek and ye shall find (Montana), Knock and the door shall be over (You must act by opening any and all doors offered to find the one best for your dreams)

New Thoughts

Manifesting Gratitude Journal

Now on sale for Christmas. Share the gift of Gratitude spirit with this one year Journal.

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This journal is set up to give you a full year to focus your gratitude on your dreams and desires for your future NOW moments. It’s been said that any new habit takes us about 30 days for it to become an effortless habit. This journal will give you one full year, 30 days at a time, to focus on your dreams and desires. At the end of each 30-day journaling, you are asked to look back on your past 30 days and reflect upon your progress. What did you focus on and what blocks were you able you remove to be able to start manifesting your true heart desires?

It’s offered in the hope that it will help you find your blocks within, in order to remove them so that you can start to manifest your true heart’s desires. Was the focus on the Ego limited side or the God-knowledge in our unlimited powers within? The hope is to flush out all limited ego beliefs that have been blocking your unlimited “I Am” powers. In order to allow the manifesting powers to overrule with your true Unlimited Power within.

Manifesting Gratitude Journal: Ask and ye’ shall receive, Seek and ye’ shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened.

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Being Thankful and Grateful

“I am Love through the one I see before me. I am Word through this intention, word I am word”. From the Book A Course in Miracles. I know that our thoughts create our reality, and even though I would keep plugging in the positive words needed to remind myself that I am with God and my words create my reality.  I was finding it hard to keep a positive mental mindset, day in and day out.   Old habits were creeping in, my Ego was regaining its power, and reminding me that I was alone and had no one to spend my free time with.   This was not what I desired.  I knew that somehow, I needed to keep telling myself that I am Loved and never alone with God on my side.  Yet my Ego was getting stronger.  It reminded me how, regardless of how often I kept hoping for all those great things to happen within my life, they hadn’t yet.  My Ego was quick to point out how many times I’ve tried to stay positive, only to be reminded by those around me, that nothing really changes.  I needed to find more ways to show this was not true.  

We all struggle with this ego mindset. Even if you do not realize that we are.  I started to remind myself of this statement; “I am Love through the ones I see before me.” To remind me and my ego, that we are all loved by God, one with God and one with all that exists.  The meaning of “I am Love through the one I see before me, is to remind us we are all God.  It’s Gods energy source that runs through us as our energy source for life. So when I say this statement, it is God who is standing before me.  As soon as I recognize the one before me as God; the words, the kindness and the Love, can now be shared with that person in front of me with God.  It a great way to remind ourselves that we are all Loved by God, we all have God within each one of us. As soon as that ego mindset is shut down, God can start to work through the other person to help show his Love for you.  

When I woke up today, I felt blessed and more on track with my hearts desires and knew that I must keep this feeling going.  I wasn’t completely sure what I changed in my mind, in order to wake up this way. Regardless, I was Thankful and Grateful for all that I experienced today.  The beautiful part about this feeling was, the ego was not present when I felt positive.  Whenever you feel like your ego is taking back your God-given powers, stop, breathe and find reasons to be thankful and grateful.  I am positive if you look around for even a moment, you will find a long list of things to be thankful and grateful for.  We are all very loved and supported in all that we desire.  Don’t allow your ego mindset, that negative ninny, to rob you of your peace, Joy, and happiness today and every day forward.  You cannot stay in two different thought prosses at the same time. So it’s always best to change to a positive one to remove the negative ones.  

May we all be blessed this weekend and enjoy our lives filled with; Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and above all, be Thankful and Grateful for all you have in life.  It will only bring more into your life.  I am thankful and grateful to all my readers.  Be blessed and full of Love today and every day.  (The beautiful cover picture used for today’s post was taken on my vacation last year in North Shore, Hawaii).  

New Thoughts

My Heartfelt Thanks for the Rain in Montana…

       My Heartfelt thanks, for all who took the prayer challenge. We are enjoying the much-needed Rain. Many thanks. Please review the previous blog if you are new to my blog to see why I’m so filled with gratitude.  We in Montana are truly thankful for all the Love and support offered to our amazing Fire Fighters who have given so much of their time this summer, keeping our families safe while dealing with so many fires across our State. 

Today’s blog may be simple, however, it’s about giving my thanks to my readers.  May you all remain safe and know we are all truly blessed and Loved by our Divine Creator.

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For our Montana Fire Fighters – Our Need for a prayer in results. (Can you see the Heart in the Lighting?)

With all the fires our State of Montana is experiencing, I desire to share this blog today with the dedication for our brave fire fighters. 

This is a Prayer Challenge… I ask for your help with the below prayer and to share this with others in the hopes we can get more prayers said as desired.  I challenge everyone to try my prayer below in Red and help us all with what we already have received… Enough rain to end Montana’s Forest fires by this weekend.  Please read and share… with your help we can all pray with gratitude as our prayers have already been answered.  

     For most of my life, I prayed to God to help me through challenges, those hardships I faced.  Most often, those prayers always started with Dear God, Please help…. Too often these prayers were my way of begging for Gods grace in showing me compassion and even a way out of the hard times I was facing.  As most of us know, sometimes this comforts us enough to bear the challenge and as we all know, this too will pass.  Yet too many times what I actually prayed for, never manifested into my life.  More often than not, I moved on, got through the pain and focused on the next need in life.  Lately, I’ve wondered why in so many ways after I prayed my heart out, why did the request not be answered?  Why wouldn’t God believe we needed his help the moment we asked?  I am a firm believer in: ” Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and the door will be opened.”  Yet for so many years, I asked, I begged, I looked for answers and trust me I knocked until I felt my fingers bled.  Yet in so many ways I did not see the results, I just got through it and move forward.    

     When we stop believing God resides only up in the sky watching over us and listing our every stupid human mistake. We forget that it’s God’s energy that runs through each one of us.  We should instead remember, Jesus and God said they reside within our hearts.  This started me wondering, maybe I am getting this all wrong.  Maybe it’s not what I am praying for that is not working.  Rather, it’s how I am praying.  Just because we believe in God, this will never mean our belief replaces all the Universes Law that Govern our surroundings.  Once I started thinking this way, I realized, how I had been praying. It was all in a desperation manner, begging for what I did not already have. It was worded as I do not have, I need to be given this or that, I am weak, blah, blah, blah.  Whatever I prayed for or how I prayed, was in a state of need and current lack.  I had not considered the real concept of Gratitude and how we show what we are grateful for in our lives. Nor did I realize that by praying with gratitude, I make my prayers full of joy and love for what I have NOW.  Even if what I am praying about is not currently what my life that is front of me now.   I now pray as if it’s already been received and I am so very Grateful for all I have been blessed with.  

The most effective prayers for us all are to pray for what we have (or want and need as if we already have it).  This is a complete change in how I was taught by the church.  Yet it makes perfect sense to me now.  In the past, if I felt we needed rain, I would say something like; “Dear God, we are in desperate need of rain today.  Everything is so dry, our forests are on fire.  We need rain so bad right now.  Please find it in your heart to help us out and give us the rain we need so our land is protected from more fires.  Oh and God, please no lighting right now, we just can’t take any more strikes. Thank you and God bless, Amen.”  Then I would wait to see if God answered my prayers and showered us with rain.  9.9 times out of 10, the rain did not come.  

     I now pray in a completely different manner and even though it’s fairly new to my practice, it has been a complete transformation in results thus far.  If I want to see rain, I must approach my desires with a prayer in a new manner.  My new pray would go something like this; (This is my prayer challenge I share today) “Dear God, Thank you for the much-needed rain we are currently receiving. Our forest is grateful for the water that is pouring down on us as we speak.  I can feel the mud between my toes, it’s such a cool and fun child like feeling to experience at this moment.  I truly am enjoying this rain right now.  Our plants are happy and healthy.  Our wild life is grateful for the fresh drink of water in our rivers and lakes.  You have blessed us with this rain and we give gratitude for all our prayers already answered. Our Fire Fighter are relieved and getting to spend time home with their loved ones, we are all grateful for this rain.  Thank you for your pure love for us all, we are truly blessed.  It is so.  Amen.” 

     The difference between these two similar prayers is that one begs for something we do not have, thus the Universe gives us what we say we already have.  We declared we are in lack, therefore, more lack must be given.  We said it, so it must be true and the Universe aims to please upon our request.  While the other way of praying is thanking God/Universe for what is already given.  It is So, or “it’s Done,” says that we already have what we have asked to receive. Instead of admitting we need more than we already have.  We are thanking God for what has already been given.  (I know this seems like just a play on words). However, what it’s saying is we already know rain is here and we call it out by giving our gratitude to God’s gift “Already Received”.  The other way is us admitting we are in need and the Universe then continues to give us what we say we actually have, the lack of rain.  It’s better to pray as if it’s already received, then to admit we are in lack of anything.  No one needs more lack, so why not make our prayers about the abundance we desire over the lack of anything.  Believe you lack nothing and give thanks for all you have been given.  (Yes even if you thinks that makes your prayers a lie to God, it is not.  It’s you saying to God, You believe he gives you everything you need; desire and request, and you know it’s already been given and on its way.  He gives you everything you request for and you are truly grateful.  

God Bless and thank you for all we have already received.  We are all truly blessed and filled with gratitude for your gift of Pure Love for us all.  Amen.  

Love From Gratitude Mountain and Thank you again for sharing my blog.  May you all be blessed and thank you again for the Rain we are receiving.